Spa Buyers Guide

Big Spa Decisions

Firstly, size, how many people do you need to accomodate? Secondly, consider how much space is available for the spa. If space is not a problem then you can get a hot tub that can hold anywhere from 2-4 up to 6 people. For larger spas there's naturally an increase in price, and also more water to fill, which takes a little longer.

So do consider how many people will be in there at at any one time, it might just be you and your partner, so a spa that holds 4 people would be ideal. However, if your kids or friends are going to be joining you then a larger size might be the best option. Whatever you need, our expert team can help you find the right Spa for you, just get in touch!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to position my spa?
Select a smooth, level surface and consider the surrounding area, a natural wind break can reduce wind exposure. Ensure the power supply is close enough for the cable to reach but for the socket to be far enough away to avoid splashing. It is a good idea to consider where you will drain the water. Make sure there are no sharp objects close by.
Do I need a special electricity supply?
A standard 240V supply, however we do recommend you use a dedicated socket with RCD protection.
Can I use my spa indoors and outdoors?
Our spas are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use, most customers have them for outdoor use but you can set them up in a summerhouse, garage etc. Consider factors such as water supply, drainage & ventilation.
What should I use to clean my spa?
Using a sponge or cloth with a mild soap solution wipe away any soil or stains on the inside of the spa wall. Rinse thoroughly before refilling with clean water.
How do I store my spa ?
Drain and clean the spa by following the instructions for ‘Drainage & Spa Cleaning’. Reverse the ‘set up’ instructions to deflate & disassemble the spa tub, spa control unit & air bladder. Make sure all components are clean & dry before storage. Air dry the tub before folding loosely and avoid any sharp corners to prevent damage. Store spa & accessories in original packaging in a dry, temperature controlled storage location.
How do I know my spa is properly inflated?
Inflate the spa tub wall until it is firm to the touch, then attach the pressure gauge to the air valve. The indicator should be in the green area for a properly inflated spa.
How long does the spa take to fill and to what level should I fill it?
The spa can take 1 – 2 hours to fill. Water should be filled between the Min & Max levels marked on the inside of the spa wall. The Max water depth is approx. 52cm.
How long can it take for the water to heat up?
This can depend on the temperature of the fresh water used to fill the hot tub, you can use warm water (not boiling) in order to reduce heating time. During the summer months in the UK it can take 6 -12 hours. Always check the water temperature before use and refer to your manual for detailed information on safe use.
Are the spas easy to maintain and how much do they cost to run?
The spa are easy to maintain and you can follow clear & easy instructions of how to maintain your spa in your owner’s handbook. The cost of running a spa depends on several factors, frequency of use, electricity supplier, using the cover or maintaining a temperature of 35 to 38 degrees and increasing temperature to just before use. On average we say £6 to £10 per week with a usage of 3 times a week for approx. 25 mins.
How do I maintain my spa and what chemicals do I need ?
An owner’s handbook is supplied with each spa giving you detailed instructions of how to maintain, clean, chemically treat & test your spa.
How often should I change the water?
This varies on the frequency of use and how effective you are with your chemical maintenance. We recommend water is changed regularly at least once a month, this can be monitored by you chemical testing.
What if my spa gets a puncture?
Accidents do happen and that is why supply a puncture repair kit.