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M-Spa Alpine Luxury Square Inflatable Spa

Do you like spas? We know you will like our quirky square hot tub spa from MSpa, the Alpine. Square spas are an interesting option due to their versatility and compatibility with the spaces around your home. One of the best inflatable square tubs today is the Alpine 4+2, a patented luxury spa tub perfect for 6 people; 4 adults and 2 kids (that's the 4+2 bit).

Its key features include 132 air jets, a built-in PTC Heater that can heat up to 42°C, a trademarked 6-layer Rhino Tech coating, Premium Liner, and LITE Control Panel for easy spa operation. Alpine’s design comes with safety buckle with which the top lid is connected to the ground mat.

Alpine Spa Specifications

Free Accessories Pack (worth £50)


Alpine Square Jacuzzi Hot Tub for a Most Affordable Luxury

The Alpine 4+2 seat spa hot tub retains the square shape of the original Alpine spa tub. But this time, the seat capacity is extended to 4+2, specifically four adults plus two children. This versatile hot tub spa has wide range features that you will surely love. With its contemporary design and the sleek charcoal grey cover along with metallic silver interior, it makes it a classic style inflatable hot tub spa that can add some affordable luxury at home.


  • 132 Air Jets – with these dynamic air jets, bubbles are able to surround, support and then massage the body allowing you to relax in bubbly luxury.
  • LITE Control Panel – lets you easily operate the spa. With its own control panel, it’s easy to manipulate how you want your hot tub to work.
  • Built in Heater – the Alpine 4+2 comes with built-in PTC technology heater. The heater can heat up to 42°C letting you enjoy the soothing warm from the hot tub. Immersing in a hot tub is a great way to relieve stress, pain and stiffness.
  • Rhino Tech (trademarked) 6-layer Reinforced PVC and Premium PVC liner – With reinforced 6-layered PVC and a premium PVC liner, you can trust that Alpine 4+2 is a sturdy and durable hot tub that helps provide you all the wonderful benefits of a versatile hot tub.
  • PTC Heating Technology – Alpine 4+2 utilizes PTC heating technology that allows for superior heat to effectively transfer even in the small space of the hot tub. With this technology, you can be sure that superior heating is what you can expect.

Getting your own Alpine 4+2 hot tub, you can take advantage of 1 year warranty plus a free Luxury Pack for only £129.97. The pack comes with 2 head rests, drinks holder, inflatable thermal cover and an ice box. Of course, Alpine 4+2 include standard accessories including a Manometer, Garden Hose Adapter, Filter Cartridge, Inflation Hose, Ground Buckle Mat and a Safety Buckle. Enjoy all these with Alpine 4+2 hot inflatable hot tub designed to give you comfort while you enjoy all the amazing benefit of lazing in a hot tub. From pain relief to alleviating stress, there is more to a hot tub and Alpine 4+2 makes for a perfect versatile inflatable hot tub for the whole family.

Warranty: 6 months for spa parts, 12 months for electric part