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May 26, 2017
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Reve Spa

now only £999 £649

Relax with the M-Spa Reve Inflatable Spa

Calm your mind, relax your body and get pampered in the most luxurious bath of bubbles and water jets. The Reve spa includes quad adjustable hydrojets as well as our bubbletastic airjets. The combination allows you to create your own custom spa experience. Wherever you set the Reve up, you're sure to have fun with all the features.

The Reve is made from Mocha Microfabric using M-Spa Rhino Tech. The premium liner is Champagne Gold. Variable and adjustable jets and LCD touch screen controls allow you to customise your bathing experience. Nothing compares to the feeling of the back jet and neck jets as they soothe away tensions all along your spine. It's the best way to unwind!

Reve Spa Specifications

Free Upgrades Pack (worth £138)

Free Accessories Pack (worth £70)


Free Upgrades pack worth £138 included

Floating Icebox, Comfort Set with Twin Headrests and Cup Holder, Thermal Cover and Rain Cover.


There’s absolutely no better way of ending your hectic and busy day than relaxing at your very own spa at home. From its light bubbling sensation to the more directed and vigorous hydro-jet massage, the M-Spa Reve works great at soothing away all your tension. It has a round shape, and comes with a built-in control system, hydrotherapy jets, bubbles and seats four people. With 4 bather seating and 118 effervescence air jets, it delivers gentle caressing bubbles and creates a great bathing space for everyone!


Reve comes with exceptional features to make your experience a lot more calming and comforting. It is a great product that will bring a little luxury at a highly affordable price. If you are looking for a fun inflatable spa that is big enough for you and yours, this is the perfect choice.


Reve is one of the most popular and affordable models in the industry. It comfortable seats two to four people, which make it an ideal home spa for couples and families. It comes with an integrated technology that allows you to heat the tub and relax in a very convenient manner. If you are looking for a relaxing way to spend some quality time with your kids or have a relaxing evening with your friends, Reve is the ultimate way to do it. It is very easy to set up and the instruction manual is easy to follow.


An increasing number of people has seen how incredible it is to have an innovative inflatable tub in their home. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a comfortable, relaxing and whole-body soak with M-Spa Reve. It is the best and most affordable product you can find in the market!

Warranty: 12 months – spa pool, electric part