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Super Camaro Spa

now only £1,299 £649

The MSpa Super Camaro two-tone finish is defintely eye catching. The Super Camaro also adds a neat feature that extends our standard range; an LCD control panel. We’re making the Super Camaro extra special by adding our Free Upgrade Pack. Our upgrade pack includes Floating Icebox, Comfort Set with Twin Headrests and Cup Holder, Thermal Cover and Rain Cover. Everything you need to get started with spa luxury.

It is also available for whenever you want to enjoy and make the most of the benefits that a conventional inflatable spa tub with no hassle on maintenance. One of the best choices you have here is the Super Camaro.

Super Camaro Spa Specifications

Free Upgrades Pack (worth £138)

Free Accessories Pack (worth £70)


Free Upgrades pack worth £138 included

Floating Icebox, Comfort Set with Twin Headrests and Cup Holder, Thermal Cover and Rain Cover.


The Super Camaro is one of our most durable, popular and affordable inflatable spas. This product is made of the Mystic Black & Silver tough woven PVC leather cover material. You will feel calm and revitalized while you are in the water as this spa boasts 138 air jets. It is also equipped with variable jet function between 3 levels. The Super Camaro uses a LCD touch screen to show its functions and settings. You can expect a comfortable, warm bath with this inflatable spa as its integrated heater  warms water to a maximum of 42 degrees Celsius. It can accommodate a maximum number of 6 seats and it features an integrated spa ozone generator for hygiene.


What makes this product more unique is that it features the new PTC heating technology that will ensure a much more enjoyable and warm bathing experience. This inflatable spa is easy to use as it comes with a digital control panel which will allow you to choose the temperature of the warm bubble sprays.  Bubbles spring from the air canal which surrounds bathers around the whole  perimeter.


The heat pump makes the water of your inflatable spa warm and comfortable for your satisfaction. It is made with the finest materials that were carefully selected to ensure the quality and durability of this product. Its protective cover helps keep leaves and whatnot out of your inflatable spa. It is also coupled with a strong self-locking system. You will also love the contemporary, sleek look of this product. It creates a low hum that will not disturb you while you’re having fun with the water. Rest assured that this inflatable spa will last for years as it was made efficient to endure damages. The spa is truly portable so you have flexibility on where the spa can sit.

Warranty: 12 months for spa parts, 12 months for electric part